MATT VAN DYNE – Guitar – Vocals –
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Band/Album(s): Iron Maiden's “Brave New World”
Movie(s): All the "Star Wars", "Lord of the Rings" movies, & Second-Hand Lion
Food: Mexican & Chinese
Historical Figure(s): Jesus Christ
SaLvAgEd Song(s): The Pirate Song & The Next Paradigm
Cliche(s): Anything worth while, requires some effort"
Pet Peave(s): Rudeness, Arrogance, & Unreliablity
Guitars: Jackson KE2, Charvel So-Cal, & B.C. Rich JRV7
Amps: Egnater M4 Preamp with custom modules / Mesa Poweramp 
Cabs: Salvaged 4x12 Cabs 


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Band/Album(s): Queensryche & Led Zeppelin (III)
Movie(s): Apocalypse Now & One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Food: Italian
Historical Figure(s): Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, & Martin Luther King
SaLvAgEd Song(s): A Madman's Jury, Manifest, Reckless, Lurking Inside, & Tragic Earth
Cliche(s): Eyes Believe What They Want to See
Pet Peave(s): Egotism & Irresponsibility
Drums: 1977 9-Piece Ludwig Vistalite
Cymbals: The Screams of Metal's Enemies