April 22 2003

Just Matt Bell & myself in the studio last night. Some days go extremely well & on other days, the "magic" just isn't there... I think we still made some ground last night, but not as much as I thought we would. I just couldn't get one of the solos to come out sounding the way that I've played it before. I mean, the notes are there & the timing is there... But it just lacked the human emotion that we've been trying to capture on the rest of the tracks. It’s definitely heading in a positive direction though... Maybe I'm being too hard on myself... It's tough to go from several really productive days to one that isn't as productive as you’d hoped. There's still some good stuff happening, but I think I set my expectations too high...

Anyway, I did a second guitar track for the bridge of "Been There"… Really happy with how that turned out… There's no guitar solo in that song, just a nice rhythm for a couple riffs. I did one guitar track with distortion & the other with a nice "vintage" clean. I used my blue Strat with single coil pickups for this song.

Also went though & doubled up the rhythms for "The Egomaniac" & "Friendly Fire". The solo for "Ego..." is the one that I'm not totally happy with yet. We have 2 versions recorded & we'll have to sleep on it a few nights before we decide what to do. Maybe it'll sound different to our ears when it's not so "fresh" in our minds.

Other than that, ALL of the guitar doubling is finished! Just have to record solos for “That One Song” & “Never on My Side” & we’ll be ready for the acoustic track “The Wings of Pegasus” & vocals! I think I’m gonna take a couple weeks to regroup my “studio” thoughts & just listen to the edited tracks some more… & of course, PRACTICE a couple more solos to make sure I’ve got them down consistently!

Bill & I have been talking about our practice schedule for this weekend & we’ve decided that we’re gonna have some fun with a few brand new tunes. This will be good therapy for us! We’ll also be working on some vocal lines & lyrics to get ready for the studio vocal tracks. Well, that’s about it for this entry… Later!