May 20 2003

Hey there! SaLvAgEd stepped into the studio once again to record vocal tracks for the upcoming album. Hearing and working out the lyrical arrangements was a different experience, it was awesome hearing how people will relate to the songs and how I related to them myself. We had kind of an off-day but who doesn't right? It was very productive and I just wanted to say to Matt that it was a job well-done and don't be discouraged by any problems that arise, there is no easy way out! That's good advice for all of you too if you believe in something and you know that you will succeed when you go for it and tackle everything head on, it won't come easy but the end result will be that much sweeter. Anyway, after recording a couple songs, we decided to re-gather our thoughts and try a couple things that we can tweak, sound-wise, to make the album sound a little tighter...not to mention to give Matt's voice a chance to rest! I don't know if I could sing all night lol you rock duder! Well, that's it for the log, I'll catch all of you later and don't stop rocking, man stay real

yours truly,