The Immortal

© SaLvAgEd 2004 (Written by Matt Van Dyne) 

Here’s the story of a man who traded death for revenge…
Cuz an evil force that came to be, burned his home and killed his family.
Now the stage has been set, he must go on with no regret.
Forever seeks his enemy, he will not yield to defeat. 

Through the flaming forge he walks, all alone with empty thoughts…
Beats the war-drum till it’s done, he roams the earth, the only one…
An eye for eye has left him blind… Sorrow has swept over his mind.
Abrasive is the wind of time… broken body, still alive. 

Immortal life is his curse
He lives forever
To fall in love, it is worse
His heart is severed
He lives his life by his sword
He wishes he’d never
He will not rest in peace
For he’s the Immortal