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Feb 2002
Formed by Matt Van Dyne & Bill Shoemate. Started out jamming with good friend, Justin Bennett. However, Justin’s busy schedule prevented him from participating on a regular basis.

May 2002
Matt contacted bassist Tim Lilland, after seeing his “Bassist Seeking Band” ad in a local music store. Matt and Tim met the next day for a jam session. Only a week went by before a neighbor asked the trio to jam at a graduation party. That’s where Bill & Tim actually met for the first time… and this was basically the first appearance of the un-named group. Bill & Matt debuted what they had been working on. Tim played right along, learning the parts as they were being played.

June 2002
Tim gives “SALVAGED” it’s name!

September 2002 (???)
SaLvAgEd gets their first “official” gig at the Panther Pit in Knoxville, Iowa!

February 2003
SaLvAgEd enters Northlake Studio to record their debut album “On the Brink of Existence”!

October 2003
Tracking for “OTBOE” is finished!

March 2004
“OTBOE” is released!! The first batch of 100 CD’s sold in 9 days!

June 2004
Bill Shoemate departs band to mend personal issues.

July 2004
Ben Wadle joins SaLvAgEd! 

September 2004
Ben’s first gig with SaLvAgEd!

July 2005
Matt has a short stint with "Sin Shifter", filling in as guitarist.

August 2005
SaLvAgEd heads back to Northlake Studio to start recording the “I am Phoenix” album! 

October 2005
Good friend & roadie of SaLvAgEd, Joe Henry passes away.

May 2006
Tim departs band after 4 years, due to other commitments.

May 2006
SaLvAgEd wins a local “Battle of the Bands” as a 2-piece!

October 2006
As Matt & Ben continue the struggle of finding a new bassist, they begin to take different musical directions. Matt asks Ben to move on, to pursue his other musical interests. In the meantime, Matt vows to rebuild SaLvAgEd. Bill Shoemate has been keeping in touch with Matt prior to this evolution of the band, and makes a request to rejoin SaLvAgEd. Only this time, from a long distance (Kentucky to Iowa). Unsure of the outcome, Matt accepts and begins recording new demo tracks for Bill.

November 2006
Matt makes contact with the “As I Decay” bassist, who goes by “F’er”. The plan is to write & record the next chapter of SaLvAgEd. F’er accepts the duty and begins recording bass lines for the same demo that Bill has received.

February 2007
Demo tracks are coming along nicely! Bill plans a trip to Iowa, to record drum tracks for the 3rd SaLvAgEd and to play at a couple new SaLvAgEd gigs!

March 2007
Matt joins Celebrate Praise Team, where he attends services on a regular basis.

April 2007
Matt finishes & releases “I am Phoenix”! Bill’s trip is cancelled, due to outside circumstances, and decides to bow out of the 3rd SaLvAgEd project. Matt gets a phone call from local drummer, Pat Obrien and sets up audition. Pat receives a practice CD and passes audition with flying colors! Matt & F’er meet guitarist James Taylor, and sets up audition. James is accepted and SaLvAgEd is now a 4-piece!

May 2007
Pat & James’ first gig with SaLvAgEd! The group participates in a local “Battle of the Bands”. Rough gig, due to the green-ness of the new line-up.

July 2007
SaLvAgEd plays most memorable gig to date! All the rehearsing pays off!

October 2007
SaLvAgEd takes 2nd place at "KRNA Battle of the Bands" and meets studio engineer from Metro Studios.  This was Pat Obrien's last gig with SaLvAgEd, as he pursues a college education.  Best wishes, Pat!

February 2008
Recording "officially" starts for the 3rd album, "A Madman's Jury"

April 2008
SaLvAgEd sponsors Philippine basketball team.  Go Team SaLvAgEd!